About Us

World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations (WFUCA) is a non-governmental organization in official partnership (associate status) with UNESCO having its office at Bonvin Building in Paris.

Formed in July 1981, at a convention of National Federations of UNESCO Clubs and Associations at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, its aims and objectives are:

1. to further the ideals of UNESCO;

  • to promote international understanding and education, effective exercise of human rights and sustainable development of all peoples to foster dialogue among nations and peoples to advance mutual understanding among different cultures and civilizations of the world; ·
    to promote utilization of science and technology for peaceful purposes for the welfare of humanity;
  • to promote in all societies the right of every person and a cultural identity, with due regard for cultural diversity ·
  • to ensure management of human activities for preservation of natural environment for present and future generations;

2. to further the programs, priorities and guidelines of UNESCO;

3. and, to that end, to strengthen and encourage the development of UNESCO Clubs and Associations

As in 2016, WFUCA has 78 national federations of UNESCO Clubs and Associations as members representing all continents of the world. There are five regional federations of UNESCO Clubs and Associations which work as independent coordinating bodies under the supervision and guidance of WFUCA.