The World Congress

The World Congress is the supreme organ of the World Federation, which consists of the representatives of WFUCA’s Members. It meets every four years.

The World Congress determines the General Rules and the guidelines of work of the Organization. Its duty is to set the programmes and the budget of WFUCA. It also elects the Members of the Executive Board and the President.

List of the World Congress of WFUCA

1The 1st Ordinary World Congress1984Japan 
2The 2nd Ordinary World Congress1987Spain 
3The 3rd Ordinary World Congress1991Senegal 
4The 4th Ordinary World Congress1995Romania 
5The 5th Ordinary World Congress1999Russia 
6The 6th Ordinary World Congress2003Cyprus 
7The Extraordinary World Congress2005France 
8The 7th Ordinary World Congress2007Greece 
9The 8th Ordinary World Congress2011Vietnam 
10The 9th Ordinary World Congress2015China