The Executive Board

The Executive Board ensures the overall management of WFUCA. The functions and responsibilities of the Executive Board are derived primarily from the Constitution and General Rules laid down by the World Congress.

The Executive Board consists of the members elected by the World Congress (including the President, five Vice-Presidents, five members and a Treasurer) and the ex-officio members.

The session of Executive Board since the last World Congress

1The 37th Ordinary SessionJul 2015Beijing, China 
2The Extraordinary SessionOct 2015Bucharest, Romania 
3The Extraordinary SessionJun 2016Shanghai, ChinaReport_En
4The 38th Ordinary SessionJul 2017Senda, JapanReport_En
5The 39th Ordinary SessionJun 2018Chalkida, GreeceReport_En, Report_Fr
6The Extraordinary SessionAug 2019Paris, FranceReport_En, Report_Fr