The first “WFUCA Academy for Women” was organized successfully

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the first WFUCA Academy for Women took place on 7th March, which was co-organized by the Romanian Federation and the Greek Federation, through the Piraeus and Islands Club for UNESCO (Greece) and the Alumnus Club for UNESCO (Romania). The first WFUCA Academy for Women is an online art presentation on the theme of “Equality”. National federations, clubs, and associations for UNESCO as well as their partners, and artists, in different parts of the world were invited to participate. This theme was chosen to take into account the recently concluded World Conference on Education through Culture and the Arts, organized in Abu Dhabi by UNESCO and the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

In the third millennium, in an era of contradictions, women still need many changes to avoid discrimination. This is what was attempted through the online exhibition EQUALITY, from March 7, a new perspective and new solutions through the exchange of ideas to combat discrimination and violence by creating (pro) attitudes against extremism of all kinds, partnerships and solidarity networks through the arts, based on understanding, dialogue, cooperation and peace. In the opening, more than 110 participants from all corners of the world were treated to an emotional micro-recital by the lyric artist, Hlín Leifsdóttir (Iceland), who chose to sing one of the famous songs “O sole mio”.

Messages were sent at the opening of the works, which emphasized the importance of the event and of International Women’s Day:

Ms Assel Utegenova, Liaison Officer and Focal point for Associations and Clubs for UNESCO at the UNESCO Secretariat:

“As we commemorate International Women’s Day, allow me to emphasize UNESCO’s unwavering commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. With its fundamental values grounded in human dignity, diversity and inclusion, UNESCO considers gender equality as the cornerstone of its principles, fostering dialogue, participation and ensuring the equal representation of women in all areas and at all levels, including within National Commissions, Clubs and Associations for UNESCO. By promoting inclusive governance structures and advocating for equal opportunities for all, we uphold the values of peace and sustainability and contribute to the vitality of societies for generations to come.”

Mr. Bolat Akchulakov, WFUCA President:

“Gender equality is not just a concept, but the foundation on which UNESCO stands. It is an essential element of our global mission, deeply rooted in the values we hold. The World Federation is committed to harnessing the transformative power of projects in the fields of education and culture in order to remove down barriers that hinder gender equality.
Through initiatives such as the Academy of Women, we strive to illuminate the path towards a world that is more inclusive and just, where the contributions of women are celebrated and recognized in all aspects of life.
The participation of member countries in this project demonstrates unity and shared commitment to the realization of our vision of gender equality.
As we gather here today, it also marks a significant occasion to extend my heartfelt greetings on International Women’s Day. This is an important day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women and stand together as a united front, working towards gender equality around the globe.”

Ms.Daniela Popescu, WFUCA Vice president Ioanis Maronitis WFUCA Ex.Board:

“Intercultural education, propelled also by clubs and associations for UNESCO, started from the idea that in a rapid globalization of societies, there are great barriers and cultural gaps between groups of people and often the differences create conflicts or aggressions. Through the Women’s Academy WFUCA will try to educate the public on these issues; differences are not essential, cultures can coexist, and from acceptance of diversity we can progress toward communication, intercultural dialogue, and partnership. It is necessary to accept the values of another culture and to accept the idea that we now live in a mobile, multicultural society that is constantly improving”

The two moderators of the event, were Mrs. Daniela Popescu, WFUCA vice president, and Mr. Ioannis Maronitis, member of WFUCA EX. Board, helped by Mrs. Antonia Founti, the curator of the exhibition, tried to create a bridge of dialogue and cultures, helped by artists from all continents of the world. Moreover, Mr. Ioanis Maronitis announced the opening of the EQUALITY exhibition with posters of works from over 50 countries, this summer in Greece, with the handing out of participation diplomas at this first major WFUCA event dedicated to women.